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Group Classes

All group classes are held at our training center located in Bayview Business Park: 21 Meadowbrook lane unit 13 Gilford unless otherwise stated. You may register and pay for a class here. In order to fully register for a class, payment is required. Without payment, your spot in class will not be held. Spots are limited to ensure each person gets specialized attention.

If the class you are interested in is already full you may contact us to be put on a wait list.

Class Details And Rules

Group classes are only for non aggressive and non reactive dogs. If your dog has ever expressed aggression towards humans or other dogs, we would love to help you through private lessons instead! Otherwise, for the safety of others, you will be asked to leave class. If you are unsure if a class is the right fit for you, please reach out to us to discuss:
Payment is due when registering for the class and it is non refundable or transferable
Your dog’s vaccinations for Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies should be up to date. Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine is recommended but not required.
Please make sure to bring LOTS of bite sized soft treats (hotdogs, cheese, chicken or store bought treats). It is also a good idea to bring a HUNGRY dog! Try feeding only half of your dog’s dinner and bring the other half as classroom treats!
4’ leash nylon, canvas, or leather. No chained leashes or Flexi-leads please!
A treat pouch is suggested but not required. PetSafe’s treat pouch is my favorite. They are available on
We would love everyone in your family to attend class! We feel its important that everyone in the household be on the same page. This includes children, but we just ask that they are able to sit quietly and not disrupt the other students in class.
Weather cancellations will be rescheduled at the instructor’s discretion.

If you miss a class for any reason ( including illness), you forfeit it, although we will do our best to catch you up the following week. If you would like to sign up for a private lesson to catch you up on what you missed please visit the private lesson page

Your dog should be wearing a regular flat buckle collar or harness (no choke or pinch collars)
It is best to wear closed toe shoes or sneakers.
Please arrive a few minutes ahead of time. Give yourself enough time to walk your dog so s/he can relieve himself before class. Be prepared to clean up after them.
Be aware that there may be a class before yours that will be finishing up as you arrive. Please wait to enter the building.

Puppy(4-6 mo): 11:30am Sundays June 16th-July 21st ( with July 7th off) - $175

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